Today in our blog, we bring the experience of a client from TOPCAR who got his car rental for free, not being one of our promotions winner. Simply taking advantage of the discounts of >> Experiences TOP CAR <<.

“Hi, my name is Eduardo García and I just came back from a fantastic holiday’s week in Gran Canaria. I travelled with my wife to enjoy our holidays, and the last time I stayed in the island only stayed at the hotel enjoying the sun, swimming pool and beach. This time I wanted to do something different.

I booked the car one month ago with TOPCAR because I had a previous good experience, and they have an office in the airport and good rates. I had no doubt to repeat. A couple a days before the trip I received a newsletter, TOPCAR launched an Experiences program in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. A series of leisure activities on the islands.

It was an opportunity to save some money and our budget was limited.

The truth is that we try to take advantage of this discount program, because our budget was limited, due to the cost of flights, hotel and rental car and we wanted to do many things.

The first day we decided to have fun in the pools from the hotel, which were great and we could rest from our flight. On Thursday we went to Palmitos Park, we both love animals and take advantage of the discount that you have as customer from TOPCAR, so we saved 15 €. The discount is not bad and the park is great!

On Friday we had an excursion in Buggys that we had pre-booked by phone, also we saw this excursion in the catalog of experiences TOPCAR and found interesting. In addition the 30% discount just convinced us. 45 euros of savings. The tour was spectacular, a journey of 90 kilometers in a buggy, an unforgettable experience and we enjoyed amazing landscapes of the island that neither had imagined existed.


On Saturday we wanted to rest but we had seen in their catalog the experience of diving in the Atlantic with a submarine, so we decided to also take this off and go to Mogán at noon and save 20% of the ticket. Another 12,60 € of savings. We took advantage of that were in Mogán to spend on its beach the rest of the afternoon and dine on a terrace by moonlight in the “Venice of Gran Canaria”.

On Sunday we planned to go to capital of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and so also see the north of the island. On the way to the north of the island, it is a riding club called “Hípica Canaria”. We phone on Saturday there to book the horseback ride of two hours. What a fantastic experience and what beautiful scenery! In this case we saved 30 € because we were customers from TOPCAR.

On Monday we were very tired from the hustle of the day before, so that was another day of complete rest, to end our holiday quietly. On Tuesday we wanted to go to the beach, so we went to Maspalomas, took this opportunity to do a camel safari. Here we saved 20% between us and lived an experience out of the reach of most people: a camel ride among palm trees and dunes.

Finally the day came to go home. What a week spent in Gran Canaria! And thanks to the Experiences TOPCAR we saved 15 € + 45 € + 12,6 € + 30 € + 8 €, that is a total saving of 110 € and the rental car cost us 92 €.

Well, we could say that the car rental was for FREE for us.