Current information on the situation by COVID-19

Updated at 22th of April 2020

At this time, in which we are facing an exceptional situation with the enforcement of the state of alert for the management of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, we want you to know that the safety and health of our customers and employees is our priority.

In accordance with our social responsibility, we are aware that, in a time of uncertainty, we must remain especially available to our customers and to those who need our services:

  • Providing them with all the information we have available.
  • Assisting them and attending to their queries.
  • Guaranteeing them a safe mobility service for the authorised uses that have been included in Royal Decree 463/2020 of 14 March and its subsequent updates.


Please note that if the date of your reservation coincides with the state of alert effective until 9th May, you must contact the selected office directly between 9:00 and 17:00 to make your reservation:

  • Gran Canaria: +34 928 579 159  
  • Tenerife North: +34 647 862 005 
  • Tenerife South: +34 669 739 631
  • Fuerteventura: +34 657 988 943
  • Lanzarote: +34 928 819 904
  • La Palma: +34 661 396 169


You can also send your request via email to, or go directly to the airport office counter during the established hours.

If you would like a rental service for a date after 9th May, you can continue to make your reservations through our website In this case, both the office hours and the general operation of reservations and rentals will go back to the standard TopCar way. In this respect, we remind you that TopCar does not make any kind of economic transaction at the time of booking through its website and that cancellation is completely free.

What measures have been taken with regard to safety and security?

We would like to inform you that TopCar has adopted all the safety measures, created action protocols and established the necessary prevention plan to guarantee the safety of our customers and employees. 

  • Our staff strictly follow all recommendations regarding hygiene, preventive habits and protective measures recommended by the WHO and national and local health authorities.
  • Repeated disinfection of common areas, offices and customer service counters is being carried out, especially between each customer service.
  • Each vehicle is professionally cleaned, including special disinfection measures with the appropriate products to minimize any risk of contamination.
  • We are monitoring the situation and awaiting any new recommendations from the competent local and international health authorities to implement any new measures that may contribute to curbing the spread of COVID-19.


Do you have any questions?

During the state of alarm we will continue to be available to you, offering our assistance and responding to your queries and requests via our direct channels.

Please note that due to the high number of queries we are receiving these days, there may be some delay in response time. The cases that require immediate assistance will be prioritised, so we are aware that, despite all efforts, we will not always be able to attend to all cases with the agility we would like to.

To try and speed up the process we have created this document precisely to answer some of the most common questions we are receiving about the new situation. Likewise, you can go to the FAQ section of our website to resolve other doubts about general aspects of your reservation or rental with TopCar. 

In case you need immediate assistance you can contact our customer services or directly with the office to which your query is directed.

Reservations made through an intermediary company: If your reservation has not been made directly with TopCar but through an intermediary, and you wish to make any modifications or queries regarding your reservation, please contact the supplier through whom you made your reservation directly.

How can you contact us? 

Will TopCar’s offices remain open to the public during the state of alarm? What will be the exceptional opening hours?

Our offices at the main airports will remain open offering minimum and restricted services. Therefore, the exceptional opening hours will be from 9:00 to 17:00 and may be changed or modified. 

If you have any doubts about the pick-up and return times of your rental car during the state of alarm, please contact the office directly via the direct telephone number given in the previous point.

Our offices located in other tourist areas and cruise ship piers will remain closed to the public so please use the telephone numbers provided in the previous point if you have any questions regarding a rental reservation made in one of these offices.

Can I rent a vehicle during the state of alarm? 

For the duration of the state of alarm TopCar will offer its customers a safe mobility service in accordance with the general provisions observed in Article 7 of Royal Decree 463/2020 of 14 March and the amendment of Article 2 of Order TMA/254/2020 of 18 March, which allows the rental of vehicles without a driver for certain authorised movements:

  • Buying food, medicines and basic necessities; 
  • Going to health centres, services and establishments; 
  • Travel to and from the workplace; 
  • Assist in the care of the elderly, minors, dependents, disabled persons or particularly vulnerable persons; 
  • Going to financial and insurance entities. 


Any person can therefore rent a vehicle in TopCar during the state of alarm period, complying with the traffic restrictions established on public roads. At the time of rental, the client will be required to sign a document of responsibility in which he or she agrees to respect the established limitations on the freedom of movement of people.

We hope to get back to normal very soon. In the meantime, we will do our best to continue offering you the quality service and familiarity that has been the hallmark of our brand for over 30 years.  Also during this exceptional situation, if you need us, we will be at your disposal and happy to assist you in any way we can.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the healthcare personnel, the security forces, those who continue to work to guarantee the necessary supplies and services, and all those who do their bit every day to be able to overcome this situation together. 

Thank you very much also to all our customers for their trust over so many years. Now it's time to stay at home, but we are convinced that with everyone's collaboration we will soon have overcome this and will once again travel miles of experiences together. 

Best regards,