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We know that to access all the beautiful and natural points of the island, you need to have a method of transport that offers you complete peace of mind. That is why we have an excellent car rental offer in La Palma, so you can enjoy every emotion that this island transmits with unlimited mileage and with your choice of car from our modern fleet.

It is no coincidence that La Palma is known as the "Beautiful Island", because it is a place full of magical places that are worth visiting to experience first hand what the most western of the Canary Islands has to offer.

Client Reviews


Really perfect - extremely cheap service, friendly reception and the car was in working order and made our trip so much better. 


Voiture en bon état. Personnel très efficace et réactif. Rapidité pour la location et la remise du véhicule. Très bonne agence de location.


La prima compagnia che appena stai per ritirare la macchina non prova a rifilarti assicurazioni aggiuntive ecc. tra l altro, la restituzione del deposito é stata velocissima. Consigliato davvero.


Primera vez que contrato esta empresa, la atención ha sido impecable, tienen gran variedad de coches con precios muy competitivos. Sin duda alguna repetiré con ellos.


Sin duda la mejor opción de alquiler de coches en canarias. Probé por primera vez hace años que vivía en las islas y siempre que vuelvo y necesito un coche les busco. La mejor relación calidad-precio sin duda.


Ich war sehr zufrieden mit TopCar! Sehr freundliches, kompetentes Team, unkomplizierte Verlängerung, korrekte Rücküberweisung der einbehaltenen Anzahlung - besser könnte es nicht sein. Beim nächsten Mal gerne wieder! 


Staff were very relaxed and friendly, quick and easy pick up and drop off and no issues at all with the car. Perfect for a few days around the island


No issues with collection or drop off, swift process and clean car. All you can wish for when renting cars on holiday.

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Car Hire in La Palma

Rent with TopCar to get to impressive places that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience, thanks to all the best services of our rent a car in La Palma. We know that, in order to enjoy the island, you will need a car that suits all your requirements. That's why, at TopCar, we have a fleet of new and modern cars of all kinds, such as minivans, vans, or even luxury cars.

Enjoy the services and offers of security coverage that only a company with more than 30 years of experience can offer. Come to any of our offices and benefit from the best car hire offer in La Palma, with the best conditions, services and quality, as well as the best features and accessories needed for you to explore the "Beautiful Island" without limits.

Car Rental in La Palma for Your Vacation

At TopCar we offer you a range of new and varied vehicles, all of them with all the guarantees and services that will allow you to drive and get to know every corner of this wonderful island. Rent one of our cars and enjoy the most beautiful places in La Palma with our unlimited mileage policy and the best value for money.

By booking your car with us, you will have an unforgettable vacation as you drive through one of the most beautiful roads of the Canary Islands, the Caldera de Taburiente, or while visiting the Teneguía Volcano, which has been active since its last eruption in 1971 and kept the attention of most of the media, as lava ran through La Palma.

Cheap Car Rental in La Palma

With more than 30 years of experience offering our customers the highest quality of our products and services, we are undoubtedly one of the best options you can find when renting a car in La Palma. Discover the diversity of this impressive island where you can enjoy the beach, the mountain and plenty of places full of magic.

You can get to La Palma by plane or boat, which are the most common means of transport to move around the Canary Islands.

  • La Palma Airport: located just short of 6 miles from the capital, where you can find one of our car hire offices. From here you will have direct access to the main road that connects the whole island along coast.
  • La Palma Port: located in the capital of the island, which you can reach thanks to the ferries used to move between islands and without having to take a flight, allowing you to enjoy the views from a distance. We also have an office in the cruise ship dock for your comfort.

With TopCar you will be able to visit each of the places that make this island the most beautiful of the Canary Islands. You can enjoy this destination to the fullest thanks to the offers we have for you with our car rental service in La Palma, allowing you to drive and reach every corner of this island.

  • Caldera de Taburiente: with TopCar you can get to the beginning of a fantasy route such as the Caldera de Taburiente. A beautiful National Park formed by a mountain range of inactive volcanoes which has given rise to lush vegetation, forming a path full of thick trees, streams, vegetation.... This underwater caldera is the largest emerging crater in the world where, inside it, you can feel a thousand sensations and find unforgettable experiences on one of its trails.
  • Santa Cruz de La Palma: hire with the best Rent a Car in La Palma and visit its capital full of tradition and environmental conservation thanks to a policy of natural integration with the intention of maintaining the rural spirit of the island and the passion for each of its places. Feel the power and love that the "palmeros" have for their land and the natural landscapes that are found in this paradise.
  • Roque de los Muchachos: with TopCar you can hire a car in La Palma to drive to the top of the highest point of the island, where you will find one of the most important observatories in the world, attended year after year by astrophysicists and experts in the field to decipher the enigmas of the universe. Enjoy one of the best views of the night sky that can be seen in the world, a place with charm and magnetism that attracts attention and is known by most amateurs and professionals of the field of astronomy.

An island as diverse as its big sisters, where you can not only enjoy a stable and coastal climate, but also do incredible activities such as mountain biking, hiking or canyoning. Enjoy the best car hire in La Palma and experience the most "Beautiful Island" by visiting every corner that makes it special.


We hope that this selection of our best articles can help you plan your personalised driving route along the spectacular roads of the island of La Palma, which will take you, through lush nature, to discover the most amazing corners of an island of unrivalled beauty. 

Be amazed by all that this small island has to offer! Find out now about the most outstanding plans, places and experiences that you can discover on your visit to La Palma: incredible landscapes, magical places, natural pools and activities such as stargazing that you must include in your travel plan.

Miles of experiences await you in La Palma with TopCar.


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