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Tenerife, a whale watching paradise

02 June 2022

With one of the largest colonies of cetaceans in the world, Tenerife has become one of the most important places for whale watching.  In this post we tell you all about how to organise an excursion to see whales and dolphi (...)

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Routes to visit Teide by car

11 April 2022

If you are visiting the island of Tenerife, the ascent to the highest peak in Spain, in  Cañadas del Teide, is an excursion not to be missed. If you are thinking of visiting Mount Teide by car, bear in mind that you (...)

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Iconic Places to see in Tenerife

22 February 2022

Tenerife is one of the largest of the Canary Islands and has both arid and green landscapes.  The island enjoys a subtropical climate with few drastic temperature changes. There is a reason as to why it is called the island o (...)

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Our commitment to the Business Alliance for Child Vaccination

19 August 2021

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, TopCar joins the programme Business Alliance for Child Vaccination. This initiative, developed since 2008 by La Caixa and GaviThe Vaccine Alliance, aims to curb child mo (...)

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Would you like to work from a paradise on earth?

17 March 2021

The Canary Islands are known for their climate, dreamlike landscapes and beaches and because they often provoke an irresistible desire to stay and live in paradise.  It is not surprising that, last year, the two Canary Isl (...)

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New YouTube channel

18 February 2021

At TopCar we want to help you discover the magic of the Canary Islands, where every traveller has the opportunity to write their own personal travel story.   Our new YouTube channel is the best way to bring you c (...)

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Happy Valentine's day

05 February 2021

Come and discover with your favourite person hidden landscapes and dreamy places; these moments will stay forever in your memories. Fall in love with the Canary Islands all over again... The fortunate islands are waiting for yo (...)

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TopCar SME of the year award 2020

17 December 2020

TopCar has earned the SME of the year award in the fourth edition of ceremony by the Chamber of Commerce of Gran Canaria and “Banco Santander” in collaboration with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and “La Provinc (...)

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Canary Islands, A Surfing Paradise

16 September 2020

Surfing in the Canary Islands is, without a doubt, one of the most popular water sports, especially if we take into account other types of surfing such as bodyboarding, kitesurfing or windsurfing. Surfing the waves of the Canar (...)

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TopCar obtains the Safe Tourism Certified seal

09 July 2020

We are very happy to announce that TopCar has become the first car rental company in Spain to obtain the “Safe Tourism Certified” seal, a certification created by the ICTE (Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality), commi (...)

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Itineraries and routes by car in Fuerteventura that you can’t miss

12 May 2020

Upon arrival on the island you will be greeted by a virgin coastline of white sand and emerald crystal clear waters. More than 150 km of beaches, a sea breeze loaded with negative ions, together with the relaxing effects of the su (...)

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“La Ruta del Pincho” in Vegueta

27 February 2020

El Vasco de Vegueta Address: Calle Pelota, 18, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas Phone: +34 928 25 60 75 Website: This restaurant specialises in tapas an (...)

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Lugares para disfrutar en familia en Lanzarote

30 December 2019

Viajar en familia es uno de los planes más bonitos que existen a la hora de disfrutar de unos días de vacaciones. Las Islas Canarias, con la particularidad de su clima templado durante todo del año y la person (...)

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Lugares mágicos de Canarias: El Cotillo

29 October 2019

En TopCar queremos que descubras los mejores lugares que visitar en Canarias. Se trata de lugares mágicos que se encuentran de una forma muy sencilla y que producen sensaciones increíbles a quienes las visitan. Hoy h (...)

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Top 5 de Lugares para sacar fotos en Gran Canaria

10 October 2019

Ya sabemos que Gran Canaria es un paraíso que esconde increíbles paisajes y éste es precisamente el motivo por el que cada año recibe más visitantes interesados en sacar fotos durante sus vacacio (...)

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The five best Coves in Gran Canaria

10 October 2019

The round island. The miniature continent. Gran Canaria is known to the general public thanks to its incredible landscapes, both in the mountains and on the coast. However, only a privileged few know the best calas of Gran Canaria (...)

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Places to enjoy the sunset in Gran Canaria

02 September 2019

There are many ways to enjoy the island of Gran Canaria, without a doubt, an ideal destination for your holidays if you want to live a different experience. This island is the perfect place for those who want to fall in love with (...)

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Viajar a Lanzarote en agosto

22 July 2019

Como bien sabemos, la mayoría de los visitantes de las Islas Canarias vienen buscando pasar unas vacaciones en medio de un paraíso. Por ello, viajar a Lanzarote en agosto se ha convertido en unas de las principales e (...)

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Discover El Charco Azul in Agaete

08 May 2019

El Charco Azul in Agaete is a natural water reservoir, which stands out for being a hideout of incredible beauty, in the municipality of Agaete, located in the north of Gran Canaria. Until recently this natural space was a (...)

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Rutas en coche por La Palma

15 April 2019

Si tienes pensado viajar a la “Isla Bonita”, debes saber que recorrerla a través de las mejores rutas en coche por La Palma es una experiencia única que seguramente querrás repetir, puesto que cond (...)

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The 5 Best Natural Swimming Pools in Gran Canaria

08 April 2019

The comforting waters of the Atlantic are a great alternative for exploring the island's coastline. The change in form of spaces and landscapes that you will be able to experience as you move north of the island will transport (...)

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Best driving routes in Tenerife

27 March 2019

To travel it easily and at your own pace we recommend that you rent a car in Tenerife with the best features and accessories. Thus, you will be able to visit on your holidays the best places on an island that attracts year after y (...)

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What to see in Lanzarote in 3 days

19 March 2019

If you are thinking of spending an impressive holiday in one of the most special islands of the Canary archipelago, you will be pleased to know that in this article we are going to give you some recommendations of places to visit (...)

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Best Things to See in La Palma

14 March 2019

The amount of beautiful things to see in La Palma have become the main attraction of the island, with infinite visitors who have fallen in love with the photographs taken in the “Beautiful Island”, as La Palma is nickn (...)

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Best Beaches in the Canary Islands

12 March 2019

Discover why this archipelago is recognized as a true paradise thanks to the best beaches in the Canary Islands. We’ll show you 10 paradisiacal beaches full of fresh summer feelings you must visit to have a real sun and sea (...)

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10 Best Excursions in Lanzarote

11 March 2019

Going on excursions in Lanzarote is one of the best options to discover an island where fire, sand, nature and sea join to give us unusual and unique paradise in the world. Lanzarote is an island of lava, where black, ochre and (...)

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Route in Gran Canaria: Earth element

06 June 2018

Today we will dedicate our route to the Earth element with the objective of maintaining us in contact with the natural treasures of Gran Canaria. A very important part of the island's territory has been declared a natural bios (...)

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Car routes in Gran Canaria: discover the 5 elements

05 June 2018

You have already arrived at Gran Canaria Airport and at the counter of your TopCar rental car we have everything ready to give you the keys of the vehicle that will take you to the most incredible spots and experiences of the isla (...)

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5 places to fall in love with Gran Canaria

17 November 2017

In TopCar we have made a small list with our favorite places of this "miniature continent" called Gran Canaria. There are infinite places on the island that are worth visiting, but here you have our selection of the Top (...)

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30 years driving to success

06 October 2017

However, our rent a car company in the Canary Islands has been successful for thirty years. It started out in the airports of Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. At the beginning it had fifty Japanese utility vehicles, five employees (...)

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The 10 best swimming pools in the Canary Islands

31 January 2017

Are you thinking about travelling to the Canary Islands and enjoying a sunny and refreshing holiday? In this article we will show you the best swimming pools in the Canary Islands, located in different locations so that you c (...)

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7 abandoned and most spectacular places of the Canary Islands

01 July 2015

The Canary Islands hide a series of locations that are enveloped in mysteries and magic, which makes them unique. Calling people attracted by mysticism, fame or terror, to spend a few unforgettable moments for good or evil, d (...)

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Explore the beauty of the Canary Islands

20 May 2015

So many wonders await you during your visit: beaches, mountains, natural harbours, jungles, deserts and gorges. Thanks to its varied landscape, going to the Canary Islands is like moving to several continents during a single journ (...)

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Do you know Pico de la Zarza?

13 May 2015

One of the routes is in the Natural Park of Jandía, it goes from Morrojable to Pico de la Zarza in Fuerteventura, also called Pico de Jandía, this peak (pico) has an altitude of 807 meters, is the highest mounta (...)

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Excursion to Isla de Lobos from Fuerteventura

15 April 2015

Lobos Island is a small paradise located off the coast of Fuerteventura. This islet, declared a Natural Park, stands out for its beauty and rich biodiversity, making it the perfect refuge for anyone looking to lose themselves amon (...)

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Corralejo Natural Park

15 April 2015

Corralejo Natural Park is located in the north of Fuerteventura, and is made up of a succession of beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters and miles of blonde sand that form one of the most paradisiacal spots in the Atlantic. H (...)

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North of Gran Canaria – Agaete, Guía or Gáldar

06 March 2015

Agaete is one of the most northwest point of the island, a fishing village and located 34 km from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It has natural pools, restaurants and a picturesque waterfront. A few kilometers f (...)

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