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Enjoy every spot of the island thanks to the best car rental in Lanzarote and explore every corner of the island without having to rely on public transport and benefiting from the liberty offered by TopCar.

Made from Fire and Sea, the archipelago’s closest island to the African continent is waiting for you to discover all of its hidden corners and live an amazing vacation driving through its reddish mountains with our unlimited mileage. Come to the Canary Islands and discover Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Palma and Tenerife too!

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    Rental Cars in Lanzarote for Your Vacation

    We know that the best way to enjoy Lanzarote is visiting all of its fantastic places with all the conditions. That's the reason why at TopCar, the best of the Lanzarote rentals, thanks to our more than 30 years of experience renting cars to all kind of public, we offer you the best service with all the comfort so you can hire a car during your holidays with no worries and enjoy the magical corners of Lanzarote.

    A service guaranteed by thousands of customers that have trusted our company at some point. We want to join you in your dream vacation, that's why we offer you our Lanzarote rental car fleet with vehicles such as 4x4, convertibles, vans, minivans, family, cheap or luxury cars, among others, all of them equipped with the best accessories and features that will guarantee quality at any driving moment.

    Visit the paradisiacal beaches of Lanzarote and be surprised by the unusual volcanic landscape of the island. Discover the Timanfaya National Park, a stunning area of petrified lava, where the wild and burning fire still lives in the subsoil.

    Rent a Car in Lanzarote to Enjoy a Unique Island

    Travel with our unlimited mileage policy and reach all the places that make Lanzarote an island of fantasy with spectacular volcanic landscapes and colors ranging from black to the intense red, characteristic colours of the island. Live unforgettable experiences and enjoy an optimal climate during most of the year, something that will allow you to do any of the most fun activities on Lanzarote.

    We offer you a full coverage insurance and excellent features like child boosters so your family can feel all of the emotion of exploring this volcanic island. With TopCar, the top Lanzarote Rent a Car, you will have at your disposal the best car hire in Lanzarote, thanks to our services and offers that will guarantee you an unforgettable holiday. Furthermore, if you're looking for a long term rental in Lanzarote don't hesitate and contact us.

    The most common ways to get to the island are:

    • Lanzarote Airport: located 5 kilometers from Arrecife, between the municipalities of San Bartolomé and Tías, it is becoming one of the most important airports in the archipelago due to the constant tourism growth on the island. At our TopCar Rent a Car office you can enjoy the best car hire in Arrecife.
    • Puerto del Carmen: you can find this town to the southeast of Lanzarote. It is the preferred destination of most tourists, as it has plenty of white sand beaches over 6 kilometers long. You can take a ferry from Fuerteventura to get to Lanzarote. Enjoy this area with TopCar, the best car hire in Puerto del Carmen.


    An island in which warm colours and volcanic textures predominate and will give you dark landscapes enriched with life and native flora and fauna that you will only on this island, thanks to the best car hire in Lanzarote. The brutal volcanic eruptions of the seventeenth century left a natural setting worthy of a film that caused the artist César Manrique to fall in love with the island and each of its unique corners.

    • Timanfaya National Park: Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993. A malpaís fruit of a natural disaster as was the eruption of the volcanic river that sleeps under this land. A landscape that turns reddish and dark, where you can see the impetus and destruction of nature give life in one of the most beautiful scenery that exist in the world.
    • Jameos del Agua: Caves of volcanic origin where you can see a species of albino crabs, unique in the world. An oasis in the middle of a volcanic land, where you won’t stop taking pictures of the incredible vision that the light produces in this unusual cave.
    • Los Volcanes Natural Park: a large, reddish-colored place where you can see and feel the strength and volcanic sensation that could be experienced in the XVII century with the eruptions of lava. It has a great geomorphological interest due to the high activity of passive magmar working way below its surface.

    Enjoy an average temperature of 24 ºC throughout the year and do any activity or visit the place you want thanks to the unlimited mileage offered by the best car rental in Lanzarote, TopCar. Live, at any time of the year, an ideal climate to experience a well-deserved vacation.