Car Hire in Tenerife

Do you want to explore Tenerife with a fully equipped vehicle and enjoy the magical and unique places located in this impressive island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean called the Canary Islands?

Do it with TopCar, the best car hire in Tenerife, and benefit from the best car rental in Tenerife. Allows us to be the ones who take you to every destination you choose in this wonderful island. Come to the Canary Islands and discover Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Palma and Lanzarote too!

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    Rental Cars in Tenerife for Your Vacation

    Your holidays deserve to be unforgettable. In TopCar we know that for this you need a rental vehicle with the best features so that you can reach each of the most interesting points of Tenerife. You will have at your disposal a perfectly equipped Tenerife car hire fleet (convertibles, cheap, luxuryfamily cars, vansminivans, 4x4...) that will take you in the best conditions to places as wonderful as Las Cañadas del Teide, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and all the corners that the largest of the Canary Islands hides. This island is for you to discover without limits and we know it. For that reason, our unlimited mileage service will make you feel amazing reaching all the emblematic places that will make your vacations an unforgettable memory.

    Rent a Car in Tenerife

    If you're wondering where to rent a car in Tenerife to explore the island, we recommend that you study our offer and check for yourself that our more than 30 years of experience allow you to access our fleet of new and varied rental cars. Discover the best rent a car offer and don't depend on public transport, nor on your time management to get to know all the natural spaces located in Tenerife and rent a vehicle with impressive features and services.

    Furthermore, we offer a free second driver, so you and your companion can enjoy the thrill of driving on this beautiful island. Our customers guarantee the quality of our services, as year after year thousands of people come to us. Book now the car you want and start living your vacation planning your visit to all the magical places of this majestic island.

    Discover Tenerife Renting with TopCar

    Explore the largest of the Canary Islands thanks to our wide range of cars, something that will help you to get the most out of your visit. We don't want you to leave without seeing all of the impressive places on the island, that's why at TopCar, the best cheap car rental in Tenerife, we offer you the best vehicles, services and coverage, so you can explore all the magical corners hidden in this beautiful paradise without limits. If you're thinking about a car rental at Tenerife Airport, you'd have to know that the island has two of them: Tenerife North Airport and Tenerife South Airport.

    With TopCar you will enjoy a top driving experience, so you can discover ideal roads such as the TF1, the southern motorway, and the TF5, the northern motorway. Thanks to them, both ends of Tenerife are connected and getting to the most interesting corners on the island is very easy. Furthermore, if you're looking for a long term car rental in Tenerife, don't hesitate and contact us.

    The easiest ways to reach the island are the next ones:

    • Tenerife North Airport, also called Los Rodeos Airport and located in the municipality of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, is located just 10 kilometers away from the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Here you can rent a car to explore the island without limits. Find us at Camino San Lázaro, 190, very close to the airport terminal.
    • Tenerife South Airport, also called Reina Sofía International Airport and located in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona, is the second most important airport in the archipelago. It's the perfect choice if you decide to travel to Southern Tenerife, as our offices are located at the very airport terminal, so you can discover the most touristic places on the island.
    • Santa Cruz de Tenerife Port, located in the capital of the island, where you can find the ferries that cross the islands daily and constantly connect the two most important, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.
    • Los Cristianos Harbour, located in the south of the island, where you can find the ferries that connect Tenerife with the westernmost islands of the archipelago: La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.

    Enjoy the best car rental in Tenerife, visit the amazing cities on the island and discover all the tradition and multiculturalism that have been floating on them for years.

    • Santa Cruz de Tenerife. A city that gathers the best of Canarian culture with the advance and globalization, giving it a unique cosmopolitan atmosphere. It is full of ample places that favour walks to enjoy the air that is breathed throughout the archipelago and the incredible climate that treasures the largest of the Canary Islands, with an average temperature of 21 ºC throughout the year. You'll last only 15 minutes to get to the capital from the Tenerife North Airport, through the TF-5 motorway located just beside it. Don't miss it thanks to TopCar, the best Rent a Car in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Within 10 miles of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is the quiet Las Caletillas. Ideally located to enjoy some of the best entertainment on the island while retaining a relaxed atmosphere, this little village is a great choice for both families and couples. Enjoy it with TopCar, the best Las Caletillas car hire.

    • San Cristóbal de La Laguna. A city that will take you to the rurality and tradition of an island that strives to maintain its historical character where we can stroll through streets that breathe history. Its atmosphere, reinforced by a large number of colonial houses and the location of the historic University of La Laguna, make this area an ideal place to spend the night among impressive bars and restaurants where they serve the best Canarian food. Tenerife North Airport is located in this municipality.

    • Puerto de la Cruz. The coastal spirit manifests itself every second in this beautiful and warm city of Tenerife. The coast of San Telmo, bathed and beaten by the bravery of the Atlantic, the smell of the sea and the traditional preservation of the port, with its iconic boats, make Puerto de la Cruz an impressive snapshot that you will remember from your vacation. You can reach this area from the Tenerife North Airport through the TF-5 motorway, just 25 minutes away. Discover this paradise with TopCar, the best car hire in Puerto de la Cruz.

    Tenerife offers a range of landscapes, sensations, colours and a multitude of places where you can spend the day and enjoy the versatility of the second largest island in Spain, after Mallorca. Once you rent your car with TopCar, you can get close to any of the most emblematic beaches of the island, ideal for water activities or to spend a great day enjoying the sun:

    • Playa de las Américas. You can reach this beautiful beach from the Tenerife South Airport in just 20 minutes approximately, through the TF-1 motorway, getting to the southernmost area of the island. Enjoy this area with TopCar, the best car hire in Playa de las Américas.

    • Los Cristianos. One of the most touristic points on the islands where you can access directly through the TF-1 motorway from the Tenerife South Airport. Get there with the best car hire in Los Cristianos, TopCar.

    Touristic areas where the best coves of Tenerife are located, ideal to practice water activities or spending an amazing sunny day on the coast. We recommend that you also visit the northern area, where you will find mountainous landscapes such as:

    • Bailadero Viewpoint, an impressive view of the imposing mountain range and ravines of the island.

    • Los Gigantes, an attractive natural wonder in Tenerife. where you can find a town protected by impressive rock cliffs up to 800 metres high and which drop down to the sea almost vertically. Enjoy this area thanks to TopCar, the best car hire in Los Gigantes.

    • Las Cañadas del Teide, a volcanic area with a natural flavor unique in the world where you can take hiking trails that will help you get to know the giant of the Canary Islands and Spain.

    • Teide, a peak of more than 3000 meters high which will make you feel plenty of sensations with every landscape you discover in the area.