Car Hire in Gran Canaria

Enjoy the best car hire in Gran Canaria thanks to TopCar, undoubtedly on of the best Gran Canaria rentals. Discover why this island is called a "miniature continent" and explore a land full of dream places thanks to the quality of our vehicles and services that will take you every day to a different area without depending on public transport. All of this with offices at Gran Canaria Airport and Gran Canaria South. Come to the Canary Islands and discover Fuerteventura, La Palma, Lanzarote and Tenerife too!

      Car hire offices in Gran Canaria

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    Rent a Car In Gran Canaria

    We know that the best way to enjoy an island that hides all kind of magical spots is to have at your disposal the best rental cars in Gran Canaria. We understand that you have to enjoy the best driving experience with the best features so your vacation time on the island can be a memory you won't forget.

    Hire a car in Gran Canaria with the best quality that you can find in a Rent a Car. We are one of the references of car rentals in Gran Canaria thanks to our incredible value for money and services. Enjoy our services from the very first moment at our office located in the Gran Canaria Airport. Have the best holidays and don't miss a single meter of this wonderful island.

    We offer you the best range of vehicles to explore the island in the best possible way thanks to our Gran Canaria rental car fleet where you can find 4x4 vehicles, convertibles, vans, minivans, cheapfamily or luxury cars, among others. All of them are perfectly equipped with the latest features and tools necessary for a top driving experience.

    You can reach Gran Canaria throughout the next options:

    • Gran Canaria Airport: located between the municipality of Telde and Ingenio just 15 minutes from the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, it’s the largest and most important airport in the Canary Islands, where millions of tourists travel annually. Here you can find our offices, so you can explore Gran Canaria with no limits.
    • Puerto de la Luz: one of the most important commercial ports in the world, as it serves as a link between continents due to its location in the Atlantic Ocean.
    • Puerto de la Nieves: you can reach Gran Canaria throughout here if you have previously taken the ferry from Tenerife. It’s located in the municipality of Agaete, half an hour from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

    A dream place that will give you the best sensations and experiences for your holidays visiting:

    • Roque Nublo: the island’s most iconic place, located in its center in the municipality of Tejeda. A corner to do a simple hiking route and enjoy excellent views with incredible landscapes of pine forests and living nature in Gran Canaria.
    • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: embrace multiculturalism thanks to the largest city in the archipelago, where you can go to interesting and traditional places such as the Santa Ana Cathedral, the Vegueta district or Triana Street, all of which make up an old quarter full of beauty.
    • Agaete: rent a car in Gran Canaria and visit the north of the island, where this coastal town is located. Here you can take an energetic and comforting bath in its incredible natural swimming pools or take the route to the magical Charco Azul in the Agaete ravine.
    • Dunes of Maspalomas: thanks to our office in Maspalomas in the south of the island, you can enjoy the best car hire in Gran Canaria and go to the famous Dunes of Maspalomas, a golden paradise next to a beautiful beach and an its emblematic lighthouse, which will make you do one of the best walks of your life.
    • Puerto de Mogán: a peculiar coastal town located in the south of Gran Canaria that will amaze you with its colors and canal system and has earned the nickname “the Little Venice. Enjoy a calm golden sand beach with plenty of services that will make you feel like in heaven.
    • Tejeda: one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, where you can enjoy a day of peace and quiet, in the foothills of the Roque Nublo surrounded by pure nature. A place full of tradition and Canarian spirit.

    Spend a full day on stunning beaches and move from one side to the other making the most of your holiday on the island, known worldwide as  the “miniature continent" due to its diversity of landscapes and sceneries. Enjoy all the leisure that the island offers throughout the year and a number of activities that will make you spend an impressive vacation full of fun, entertainment, nature and charm.

    An island where you can find all the sceneries possible thanks to its diversity of microclimates that favour the creation and maintenance of places that differ greatly from one another. With TopCar you can enjoy the best car hire in Gran Canaria. Pick up your car at the Gran Canaria Airport and enjoy all the car hire offers in Gran Canaria, where you can get to any point on the island, as it is located next to the  GC-1, the general motorway, and enjoy the best climate in the world by exploring the best places to see in Gran Canaria.