You can find our prices in our website www.topcar.es. Those prices may vary throughout the year depending on the availability of the vehicles. Prices found in our website always include our current website promotions.

The price listed on our website includes unlimited mileage, taxes, CDW insurance, theft protection and PAI, second driver and child and booster seats. TopCar reserves the right to modify its policy of services included in its rates at any moment. Previously confirmed bookings will not suffer these modifications.

The price listed in our website does not include the fuel. The car must be returned with the same fuel level it had when it was picked up.

The CDW insurance included in our rates does not cover damage to rims and tires, tire flats, damages done to the underneath of the car, loss or damage to keys and remote-control devices, damages caused by filling the tank with wrong fuel or break of glasses and wing mirrors. With the CDW insurance service you would be agreeing in requesting an excess that may vary depending on the vehicle hired. These excess’ expenses would be between 500€ and 800€. Everything that is not covered by the CDW, including the excess, can be covered by purchasing our Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW).

Roof racks are not included in the price. The roof racks are available in Gran Canaria (See fleet) for groups B, R, G and Y; in Fuerteventura (See fleet) for groups B, G and Y; in Lanzarote (See fleet) for groups B and G; and Tenerife (See fleet) for groups B, R and Y. Roof racks has a cost of 2€ per day.

TopCar reserves the right to modify its policy of services included in its rates at any moment. Previously confirmed bookings will not suffer these modifications.

Taking the car outside the island where it was originally rented is not permitted.

All drivers must be at least 23 years old, have a driving licence older than 3 years old and hold a credit or a debit card under their name at the moment of the pickup.

The minimum length of a contract is one day. For bookings for less than this period, the contract will be signed on a 24-hour basis.

The car should be rented at least 12 hours in advance prior to the pick-up through our website. If you need a car within this 12 hours, please call our Booking Center on (34) 828 91 31 18 or call directly the office you would like to rent.

You must be at least 23 years old to book with us.

It is necessary to present a valid credit card in the name of the main driver to process the payment and rent the vehicle. If you would like to pay with another mean of payment, please contact the office you would like to rent. Depending on the model of the car, the insurance hired and the mean of payment, a deposit would be required.

Our prices offered through the website include the following insurances: Compulsory and third-party liability insurance (TPL), Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Anti-Theft coverage (TP) and Personal accident insurance (PAI).


The basic insurance service includes partial coverage for damages due to collision, theft or fire. The amount of the excess may vary for each vehicle category and can be cancelled by hiring our extended insurance service (SCDW). The excess is the maximum amount the client is responsible for in case of damage or theft. In case of damage, the customer will be held responsible until the maximum of the excess, except in case of negligence or breach of the contract terms and conditions.


With the basic insurance CDW, you will be charged in your account the amount established by the excess depending on the category of the vehicle. This amount will be refunded once the contract has finished and the car has been returned in the same conditions as it was picked up, with the same amount of fuel and at the time stated in the contract. Please take in mind that you can avoid this deposit by hiring our Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) and paying with credit card. If you hire our Super Insurance (SCDW) and pay by debit card, the deposit would be 200€.

The deposit can take up to 15 days to return to the bank account of the customer, depending on the bank entity of the customer.

Excesses and deposits, in case of not contracting the Super Insurance SCDW

500€ - Groups  A - B - BN - B1
650€ - Groups  D - DN - D1 - E - E1 - R - RN - R1 - G - GN - W 
800€ - Groups  I - I1 - I2 - I3 - T - T1 - J - S - S1 -M - F - Y - V - P - H - H1

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW): the comprehensive collision damage coverage offered by TopCar, in addition to what basic insurance includes, would cover damage to the bodywork, rims and tires, tire flats, broken glasses and rear mirrors, damages to front and back lamps, indicators, roadside assistance, towing service and replacement car.

Avoid suffering any risk with the SCDW! If you hire the extended insurance service and pay with credit card, you won’t have to deposit any franchise. Only in case of contracting our SCDW and paying by debit card you must leave a deposit of 200 €.

This coverage guarantees the best protection against any eventuality and covers some damages that the basic insurances do not cover, such as damages to the bodywork, to windows, tires and optics.

Group A
- Price/day*: 5,00€ - Máximum: 75,00 €

Groups B - B1 - BN - D- D1 - DN - E-  R - R1 - RN
- Price/day*: 6,00€ - Máximum: 90,00 €

Groups E1 - F - G - GN - H - H1 - I - I1 - I2 - I3 - M - W
- Price/day*: 7,00€ - Máximum: 105,00 €

Groups P - Y - V
- Price/day*: 8,00€ - Máximum: 120,00 €

Groups J - S - S1 - T - T1
- Price/day*: 9,00€ - Máximum: 135,00 €

* Taxes included


It would not be covered, by any insurance and in any case, the damages produced by the negligence of the authorized driver or breach of the contract conditions such as the following:

  • Damages or thefts that occur as a result of negligent acts of the driver, such as the theft of the vehicle with the keys placed, will not be included in the T.P. coverage (Theft Protection).
  • The Anti-Theft coverage does not cover personal items.
  • Fines, loss of the keys and any other expense derived from the negligent use of the vehicle.
  • Misfuelling the vehicle.
  • Any damage caused in an accident if the client does not fill out and delivers the corresponding accident report with the description of the facts.
  • Loss of children seats.
  • Push or tow to any other vehicle.
  • Driving in places that are not suitable for public transport such as beaches, racing circuits, forests, tracks, neighbourhood roads, etc.
  • Driving on unpaved roads, or asphalted, but with serious deficiencies, which could lead to damage the underbody of the vehicle, or driving through restricted areas.
  • Negligent acts when the alarms or warning signs of the hired vehicle are switched on.
  • Transport of goods or animals and especially dangerous substances, flammable and or/harmful to the vehicle and its occupants. If it is necessary to transport animals, the customer should contact the staff of the office to confirm the conditions of their transportation.
  • The sublease of the vehicle or lending the vehicle to third parties not authorized in the contract.
  • The use of the vehicle for any activity that would be considered contrary to the law.
  • Transporting a number of people or luggage exceeding that authorized for the vehicle.
  • Transportation of luggage or any item on the roof of the vehicle. In the case of special baggage (surfboards, etc.) you must request the roof racks, for possible transportation. The company is not responsible for any damage that may be caused in the aforementioned special baggage.
  • Leaving visible objects in the vehicle that could be stolen with consequent damage to the vehicle.
  • Dirt and / or deteriorate the interior of the vehicle beyond what implies a reasonable and careful use.
  • Driving the vehicle in a state of fatigue, illness, the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as reckless driving.
  • Use of the vehicle for learning or teaching activities.
  • Driving the vehicle outside the island where it was rented.
  • Failure to comply with traffic regulations established by the Spanish Regulations in force at the time of rental of the vehicle.

All taxes are already included in your booking: IGIC, IVA, Airport surcharge…

In bookings done through top-car-hire.com, you can add an additional driver for free. The second driver must meet the same requirements as the main driver. The registration must be done at the moment of the pick-up of the vehicle.

Baby seats and child boosters are free of charge if they are requested on reservations made through top-car-hire.com. They are approved and fulfill the European security regulation.

The roof racks are only available for groups B and Y in Gran Canaria (See fleet) and La Palma (See fleet), for groups B, G and Y in Fuerteventura (See fleet) and for groups B, R and Y in Lanzarote (See fleet) and Tenerife (See fleet). They cost 2€ per day.

Only one surfboard can be transported by vehicle. The surfboard must be placed only on the roof rack and never directly on the roof or inside the vehicle. Any other object cannot be transported on the roof rack. TopCar does not assume any damage to the vehicle or to the third-party caused by the surfboard transported on the roof rack. These damages will be responsibility of the Renter.

Our fleet (Gran CanariaFuerteventuraTenerifeLanzaroteLa Palma) includes more than 25 different models, classified by groups. When booking a car, we will do our outmost to deliver the car requested. Should we not have the exact model at the time of pick up, we will deliver you another car from either the same group or a higher group at the same price.

Your personal details will be kept strictly confidential and under the strictest security measures. These details are only used to process your booking and guarantee the attention you need at your arrival.

Top-car-hire.com uses encrypted communication to manage private data.

If you wish to cancel your booking, you can either phone us on +34828913118 or send us an e-mail to booking@topcar.es indicating your booking number, name and surname and the dates you requested for this booking. This information is needed to ensure that you are making this cancellation and not anyone else. There is no charge for cancellations, but we would appreciate if you inform us about it as soon as possible, as this helps us to offer our customers a better service and to control the availability of our fleet more efficiently.

If the car is returned before the end of the rental period, TopCar won’t refund any amount for the unused days, nor the costs of the purchased extras during those unused days.

The car rental contract starts and expires exclusively on our offices. We do not deliver cars to hotels or residences where we do not have any office, except on Gran Canaria. In Gran Canaria we offer hotel delivery service for an extra charge, which will depend on the distance from our offices to the hotel or residence.

The following delivery areas and rates have been established:

  • San Agustín, Playa del Inglés, Meloneras: 15€.
  • Sheraton Salobre: 20€.
  • Puerto Rico/Amadores: 25€.
  • Mogán: 30€.

You can contact any of our offices where we will be pleased to help you. When picking up the car, you will be given a document that includes our telephones and addresses.

If after going through these 23 questions, your doubts have still not been solved, you can ask us your question by e-mail through cac@topcar.es and we will answer you as soon as possible.