Discover El Charco Azul in Agaete

Discover El Charco Azul in Agaete

8 May 2019

El Charco Azul in Agaete is a natural water reservoir, which stands out for being a hideout of incredible beauty, in the municipality of Agaete, located in the north of Gran Canaria.

Until recently this natural space was a kind of a secret place, known only by the inhabitants of the area, who were aware of all the routes of grazing and hiking in the region. 

However, this "secret" in the hands of popular wisdom, has been gaining popularity until it has become known as one of the most beautiful places in Gran Canaria. The journey to Gran Canaria is an authentic experience worth enjoying.

As a starting point, let's take a visit to Agaete, a municipality that stretches from the valley to the coast, where we can visit Puerto de las Nieves and the stunning "Salinas de Agaete"; natural swimming pools that will offer you a new concept of "beach day".

We can follow our route through Agaete until we reach this beautiful corner, El Charco Azul; leaving from the village of El Risco, we will use a simple hiking route that will allow us to enjoy a unique natural environment.

If you are still interested in discovering how to access El Charco Azul in Agaete, continue reading this article that will show you one of the best hidden places of Gran Canaria.

How to get to El Charco Azul in Agaete


To get to Charco Azul, we recommend that you rent a car before starting the route, with the best adequate features, which will allow you to get easily and comfortably to all the locations and discover unique places in Gran Canaria.

Once we have arrived at Agaete, from the GC-2 freeway that runs throughout the north of the island, we will join the GC-200 highway by which we will go to the village of El Risco, a hamlet of only a few inhabitants, where is the entrance to the path that leads to Charco Azul.

To get from the airport to Agaete, just take the GC-1 freeway towards Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Arriving at the height of Mercalaspalmas, access the beltway of the GC-3. Continue along it until you reach GC-23 which will take you to the crossroads between Guanarteme and the shopping mall Las Arenas, there take the exit to GC-2, also called the north freeway, until you reach Agaete.

Here we will take the road towards the municipality of La Aldea, GC-200, until we reach the town of El Risco; here you will be able to park and start the route to El Charco Azul. From TopCar we recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity to visit this village that offers different nuances and facets.

The village of El Risco in Agaete


A village where the ocean breeze and the clean air of the island's interior converge. Its proximity with the Natural Park of Tamadaba, allows us to observe a leafy and green flora together with palm groves in a ravine area that provide us a spectacular picture of this cozy hamlet.

Its beautiful and traditional Canarian villas offer an ideal setting where the sensations of coast and countryside converge. 

As you walk through this town, you will notice the change in tones and colors that will indicate that you are entering the Agaete ravine; a path that will take you to discover the place's first tracks. When we reach the first ponds we will know that we are close to this reservoir of incredible natural beauty, a masterpiece of nature.

El Charco Azul


After half an hour of walking, enjoying the landscape and its beauty, you will find it in front of you; a place that could inspire stories of fantasy. A deep pond and a volcanic rock from which emanates the water that filters from the springs of Roque Nublo.

The place is a haven of peace, where you can only hear the flow of water surrounded by the environmental sound of a zone rich in nature that has not been touched by the hand of mankind.

There is no better ending to a hike than a good swim in Charco Azul in Agaete. Swimming in these fresh waters is the best way to culminate an escape to this beautiful municipality in the north of Gran Canaria.

We recommend that you come to this place between autumn and spring, so that you can see, at its peak, this natural pool of fresh water, because during summer it is unlikely to be able to perceive the attractiveness of this place as the climate is too dry in the area during the hottest months of the year.

The reality is that visiting this hidden place is an authentic experience that begins from the moment we start to glimpse the beauty of the north of Gran Canaria, until we reach the area of El Risco and start the hiking route.

Discover the calm, beauty and diversity of landscapes in this adventure that will take you to visit Charco Azul in Agaete, one of the island's most beautiful remote areas.