The 5 Best Natural Swimming Pools in Gran Canaria

The 5 Best Natural Swimming Pools in Gran Canaria

8 April 2019

A great diversity of landscapes and an excellent climate are ideal ingredients to enjoy a swim in the magnificent natural pools of Gran Canaria. The comforting waters of the Atlantic are a great alternative for exploring the island's coastline. The change in form of spaces and landscapes that you will be able to experience as you move north of the island will transport you to another place in a very short time.

From the very light sands of southern Gran Canaria, we can pass through black sand beaches and reach natural pools created from rock erosion, a great example of the natural origin of the Canary Islands that is especially noticeable in the northern municipalities such as Arucas, Moya and Gáldar, among others.

Okay, but... how do I get to the north of Gran Canaria?

We recommend that you rent a car in Gran Canaria if you intend to move around the island during your holidays. You will have a wide range of vehicles with the best features so that you have the best guarantees and security.

If you are coming from the south of the island, reaching these northern municipalities is as simple as taking the GC-1 freeway and joining the GC-2, the freeway that connects the capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with the north of the island and, consequently, with the places previously mentioned.

5 natural swimming pools in the north of Gran Canaria

The best natural swimming pools in Gran Canaria are to be found in the north, as the area's rough sea has created a deeply rocky coastline due to the island's volcanic orography. The harsh Atlantic conditions have generated incredible places to enjoy a different day at the beach along the northern coast of Gran Canaria.

The purity of the area, with crystalline waters and the endless sound of the sea breaking away from the rocky coastline of the north of the island, together with the unbeatable climate throughout the year make their natural pools an experience not to be missed.

As you will see below, they all have one thing in common: they call for relaxation and the desire to enjoy the simplest things and the little pleasures of life. Without further ado, here is our recommendation of the best swimming pools on the island.

1. Charco de San Lorenzo (Moya)


In the town of San Lorenzo, in the municipality of Moya, you can discover one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools on the island. Spacious and adapted for all types of visitors looking to enjoy a swim in the calm and refreshing waters of the north of the island, which makes this place an incredible option to spend a different day at the beach.

Its great amplitude -approximately 75 meters long by 45 meters wide- and an interesting depth in certain parts makes it a great alternative for snorkeling, as well as swimming in totally natural waters.

2. Roque Prieto (Santa María de Guía)


Roque Prieto, located in the municipality of Santa María de Guía, will take you immediately to a place of total calm thanks to the tranquility and simplicity of one of the most welcoming natural swimming pools in Gran Canaria. This beautiful spot, formed by two perfectly conditioned pools, is an ideal setting to enjoy the northern coastline of Gran Canaria.

Although the access to bathe in its waters does not present difficulty, it is advisable to take the greatest possible precaution due to the state of the sea.

3. Los Charcones de Bañaderos (Arucas)


This incredible place is located in the municipality of Arucas. It consists of immense natural pools perfectly adapted, which guarantee a unique experience with a safe and rewarding bath in the healing waters of the north of Gran Canaria.

There is also a solarium designed to enjoy the island's comforting climate. We invite you to spend a day in this natural swimming pool so that you feel at first hand the satisfaction of this quiet, refreshing and, above all, natural place.

4. Las Salinas (Agaete)


The municipality of Agaete never ceases to amaze. Although it is famous for its Fiesta de la Rama, for growing the only coffee in Europe or for being one of the points that connect with the neighboring island of Tenerife, you can also enjoy an alternative day at the beach in Las Salinas, an area adapted for bathing on the municipality's coast.

Agaete is, without a doubt, a destination that we recommend in your travel itinerary and routes through Gran Canaria. It's easy to get here in your rental car and we can assure you that it's a place that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

5. El Agujero (Gáldar)


This bathing area located in the historic municipality of Gáldar has three natural pools and another open to the sea, where according to the time of year you can find black sand areas to lie down and enjoy a sunbath. Very close by, in addition to a sunken boat, you will be able to find well-known spots where you can practice water sports such as surfing and body boarding.

In short, the north of Gran Canaria will allow you to enjoy splendid days full of tranquillity and nature, thanks to the traditional spirit of these very special municipalities on the island. The best natural swimming pools in Gran Canaria are a different way of enjoying the island's sea, being a wonderful alternative to a traditional day at the beach.