Itineraries and routes by car in Fuerteventura that you cannot miss

Itineraries and routes by car in Fuerteventura that you cannot miss

Travelling the best routes by car through Fuerteventura allows you to reach the most remote places at your own pace and without getting tired.

Upon arrival at the island we will be greeted by a virgin coastline of white sand and emerald crystal clear waters. More than 150 km of beaches where the sea breeze loaded with negative ions with relaxing effect and the sun, make us feel in a paradise.

Fuerteventura is pure sand and sea with a multitude of paradisiacal beaches of different types, so that you can choose according to your plan: forget everything while strolling along the solitary shore of a virgin beach, practice water activities, taste some fresh fish from the area or simply sit and watch a beautiful sunset.

All you have to do is close your eyes and when you open them you will be a new person. It's a good time to take a board and surf the crystal clear waters. However, if you prefer, you can also discover the gastronomy of their villages.

For this reason and for its amazing volcanic landscapes, it is not surprising that the island has been named a Biosphere Reserve. Here are some routes that will make your trip to Fuerteventura the road movie with the most spectacular views.

Best Car Routes in Fuerteventura

The best way to visit them is by car, especially if we talk about beaches, natural parks and spectacular landscapes, as occurs in Fuerteventura. For this reason, it is essential to plan the route in order to not miss any of its secret spots and to personalize your visit.

For this reason, in today's article we propose different driving routes around the island that you can't miss. To do this, the best thing is to rent a car in Fuerteventura with the best “rent a car” in the Canary Islands with the highest safety and reliability available, TopCar.

Route through the north of Fuerteventura (45 km)


Our first route has the charm of the island's desert interior and mythical mountains since Aboriginal times. Leaving the capital and commercial referent of Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario, this excursion by car takes us to the town of Tetir.

Nearby is the protected area of Vallebrón, which includes two huge ravines and a mountainous system of 690 meters, one of the highest insular heights, which highlights the plain and guarantees sunlight.

Tindaya, the famous sacred mountain to which magical properties were attributed, as evidenced by the more than 300 foot-shaped engravings of great archaeological value that have been found there.

One of the best car routes through Fuerteventura continues northwards and, a few kilometers away, La Oliva emerges as the ideal place to eat with a melting pot of ochers as a landscape.

To the north, the old taste of a fishing village with tourist development is summed up very well in Corralejo. The views of Lanzarote and the islet of Lobos next to the dunes and white beaches make it an obligatory stop.

Route south of Fuerteventura (55 km)


The second of our routes is, without a doubt, the beach route par excellence. From Gran Tarajal to the southern end of Fuerteventura, the blonde sand of countless beaches constantly invites you to stop your car and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean.

Tarajalejo is the first stop and contrasts totally with the rest for its black sand. This is a small town that was formed as a fishing village located in the foothills of the mountain.

We continue towards Costa Calma, where the services available increase very close to the infinite beaches of Jandia to Esquinzo. There is nothing better than enjoying beaches that seem larger in width than in length and with numerous ponds.

Time goes by here almost unnoticed, so finishing the afternoon at Morro Jable is ideal. This town offers a multitude of restaurants, as well as a marina and another kilometer-long beach.

Route through the center of Fuerteventura (50 km)


This is the last of the best car routes in Fuerteventura, an island that it is not just sun and beach as this excursion through the interior illustrates.

We depart from Gran Tarajal, one of the most popular southern towns, in the direction of Tuineje, a village that developed around the settlement of a Moorish population with a particular architecture.

Pájara is the next stop, the ideal place to enjoy goat meat and kid (young goat), culinary references recognized by European travelers since the conquest by how the ancient aborigines cured meat.

We continue to Betancuria, the old capital of the island and heritage reference thanks to its patent colonial style. We finish the route in Antigua, whose craftsmanship and shady spots are also essential.

Fuerteventura is a desert and magnetic destination that invites the maximum disconnection from the world among turquoise water beaches, dunes of fine African sand, cliffs, a wild interior and even a magical mountain, all of which define the landscape of this Biosphere Reserve. All this through roads that meander through nowhere.

In short, if you are one of those who likes to drive to visit the most important places on vacations, we hope that this article on the best car routes around Fuerteventura is of your interest.

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