30 years driving to success

30 years driving to success

6 October 2017

"Nobody said it was easy to run a business, especially if you are competing with the almighty in the market you are in," says Alicia Álvarez, deputy director of TopCar.

However, our rent a car company in the Canary Islands has been successful for thirty years. It started out in the airports of Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. At the beginning it had fifty Japanese utility vehicles, five employees and a dream. Today we have a fleet of four thousand cars, a human team formed by more than one hundred workers and new offices in Lanzarote, Tenerife and La Palma. But not only that, we have been recognized at international level obtaining numerous prizes for offering a quality service.


Thirty years later, TopCar continues to be the dream of its founder and managing director, Rafael Cabral. The key to its success? Without a doubt the knowledge of the sector of rental vehicles without driver in a fragmented territory such as the Canary Islands, its policy of transparency and personal treatment.

Challenges for the future? In an growing fragmented market with an increasingly connected traveller, the digitalisation of TopCar is one of the challenges for the near future.

They are committed to quality service and the constant renewal of their fleet, which is part of their strategy, as well as new technologies which play a fundamental key role. That is why we are working on the launch of a new self-management application which will improve processes, having a direct impact on greater customer service.

Now it's time to visit charming villages and spots to enjoy the landscapes and thousand contrasts that the Canary Islands give you, passing through enchanted forests to kilometre-long beaches of fine golden sand. Of course, driving with TopCar. Are you coming?