Route in Gran Canaria: Earth element

Route in Gran Canaria: Earth element

6 June 2018

Today we will dedicate our route to the Earth element with the objective of maintaining us in contact with the natural treasures of Gran Canaria. A very important part of the island's territory has been declared a natural biosphere reserve, which makes it to one of the best car routes in Gran Canaria. Mountains, colourful landscapes and forests at the foot of the Roque Nublo, extreme sports, rock climbing, trekking, bungee jumping, hiking and royal paths or simply driving through beautiful landscapes are some of the activities and places that will allow us to feel the essence of EARTH in Gran Canaria.

Route to Roque Nublo

We suggest you start the day dedicated to the Earth by driving your car into the interior of the island. The route from Maspalomas to Tejeda runs through the GC 60. In its first step through Fataga, it will show us incredible landscapes and beautiful palm groves circulating through narrow and steep roads where caution when driving is a must, as well as stopping at the main viewpoints marked, to observe the potential of nature and its contrasts. We can make a break and have a coffee, or better, a "leche y leche" (as Canarians call café latte with condensed milk), in the village of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. This relaxed village, unknown to many, is actually the capital of the lively municipality of the same name, the most touristic on the island, and in which, in its coastal area, are some of the most important attractions of the Canary Islands, such as the Dunes of Maspalomas, a must-see and an icon of the Earth of the Canary Islands.

Continuing along the GC 130, in the direction of Pico de las Nieves, we will reach the key point of our route: the place from which a low difficulty footpath starts towards the Roque Nublo. A walk of approximately one hour, depending on the physical condition, that will bring us the best sensations of our route.

We can leave our car in the Goleta car park and begin this section without great complications, up to the feet of the Roque Nublo. The spectacular landscape, which includes the best views of the Teide in the neighbouring island of Tenerife and the sunrays sprinkled on a sea of clouds, are just some of the rewards we can take away from this incredible connection with the Earth.


Following the road we find the Llanos de la Pez, an extraordinary pine forest with tables ready for barbecues where you can sit down to enjoy a snack. For those who have not done the walk, you will also find in this area beautiful views of the Roque Nublo and the Teide, although the best are in the Pozo de Las Nieves.

The village of Tejeda, as far as we would go if we had continued the GC 60, deserves a separate mention. If we have time, we can take a quiet stroll through the village, recharge our batteries and try some of the typical Canarian dishes in one of its charming restaurants.

We cannot pass the opportunity to recommend you and to speak to you about the Canarian potatoes. Extracted from a rich land that gives them a special flavour and seasoned with good Canarian red mojo, they are a delicacy even for the most demanding palates, which have made them one of the tastiest dishes in Spanish gastronomy.


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